International Union of Operating Engineers
Local 30

If You Add a Child

If you add a child as a dependent, the child’s date of eligibility depends on whether the child is:

  • Your biological child, he or she is eligible for coverage on his or her date of birth;
  • Placed under your guardianship through adoption or a court order, coverage will become effective on the date of placement as long as you are responsible for health care coverage and the child meets the Plan’s definition of a dependent;
  • Adopted from birth, the child is considered a dependent from birth;
  • A stepchild due to marriage, the child is eligible for coverage on the date of your marriage.

When you add a child, provide the Fund Office with:

  • The birth date, effective date of adoption or placement for adoption, or the date of your marriage (for stepchildren);
  • When you add a stepchild, you must submit a copy of your spouse’s divorce decree to establish if there is other coverage for that child;
  • A copy of the birth certificate, adoption papers, court order, or marriage certificate (for stepchildren);
  • A copy of your child’s other medical insurance information, if he or she is covered under another plan.

Learn more about a dependent child’s eligibility and enrollment for the Private Sector or Municipal Health and Welfare benefit plans.

You can name your eligible dependent child as a beneficiary in the Local 30 Pension and Annuity Plans.

Pension Plan

If you are unmarried, or if your spouse dies while receiving your benefit, your child may receive the remainder of your benefit.

If you are a Municipal employee your pension is through the New York City Employee Retirement System (NYCERS). Please visit the NYCERS website for more information.

Annuity Plan

If you are unmarried and have a child, you may name your child as your beneficiary. Your child will receive your Annuity benefit if you die before you start receiving monthly payments.

You can add or change a beneficiary by contacting the Fund Office.